Great opportunity study and working japan

Metting with Professor Haruki Miwa (kokushikan university)

Namaste! and Welcome to Yasashisa Japanese Language School



Yasashisa Japanese Language School is a pioneer registered institution established on March 1997. This organization has faced many difficulties at the very beginning for its sustainability. It could overcome and thanks to the understanding and wishes of the common people of Nepal and Japan, who desired to have a standard language school. Yasashisa has been adequately supported educational and technical by Network for Human Interaction Operation (Network Hito) Osaka, Japan and Osaka YMCA for t [..]

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Message from Principal

Japan, the leading economic giant of the world, is not only famous for its industralisation, peace loving people and unique hospitality but also famous for imparting practical knowledge to its pupils. To the Nepalese students, it has been an academic destination for more than a century.   Yasashisa Japanese Language School, founded in 1997, by a team of competent and dedicated Japanese language teachers, with the sole purpose of spreading the Japanese culture in the world through [..]

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